Paul C. Ray, Chtd. manages risks of litigation. The firm has extensive experience with issues ranging from simple torts to complex commercial and administrative law. The firm maintains and continues to develop both broad experience and specialized skill. The experiences and skills are necessary to assist clients, not only to manage business and personal matters, but to anticipate these matters as well. There is a system in place at the firm, conservatively and carefully constructed, to provide exceptional, effective, and fair-cost litigation service.

Pleading Stage

Pleading is the first stage of actual litigation. Either an opposing party has filed a complaint against you, or you file a complaint to protect your rights and gain relief through the court system. Paul C. Ray, Chtd. takes care at this stage to ensure that the clients claims are clear and that the relief sought is what is best for the client.

Discovery Stage

Discovery is where both sides exchange the evidence that they plan to use in the litigation to prove every claim or defense made. The firm will subject any opposing partys evidence to intense scrutiny to ensure that the clients case is as strong as the law will allow.

Trial Stage

Trials are the main event, so to speak, where skills beyond legal argumentation become crucial to success. The firm has honed these skills through many court proceedings on behalf of its clients; Protecting nevada busines. will present the case in a way that clearly demonstrates the clients legal claims.

Judgment and Execution Stage

Sometimes, after obtaining a successful judgment, a client may need to enforce that judgment because of a non-compliant opposing party. Here too, Protecting nevada busines. excels, helping clients collect on whatever awards the court has granted.

Appellate stage

Sometimes, a lower court errs in granting judgment against the client. In these situations, Paul C. Ray, Chtd can take the case to the next level in order to vindicate the clients rights. The firm has won several victories at this level, demonstrating its tenacity and zeal on behalf of clients.