Our economy is changing; governments continue to promulgate new business regulations while, simultaneously, competition continues to increase. In this climate, businesses need more than standard counsel. Businesses need counsel that can understand an enterprises objectives. Businesses need counsel that can execute legal strategies that place clients in the most advantageous position possible. Paul C. Ray, Chtd. offers this rare combination of high-level reliability, resourcefulness, and responsiveness. The firm has two bedrock pillars: dedication to clients and elite legal skill.




Real Estate Law :

        Paul C. Ray, Chtd. has dealt with residential and commercial real estate law for many years. Clients need expert legal advice and a dedicated advocate when they lease, purchase, or sell real estate. These ventures often include several legal issues, and the firm is at the forefront of the constantly developing real estate landscape.




Civil Litigation :

Paul C. Ray, Chtd. endeavors to avoid litigation. But, there are times when the only way to vindicate a client’s rights is to bring the dispute into court. Here, the firm has extensive experience with issues ranging from simple torts to complex commercial and administrative law. The firm maintains and continues to develop both broad experience and specialized skill.




Business Law :

         Paul C. Ray Chtd. advises all types of businesses, including investor groups, foreign and domestic corporations, for-profit and not-for-profit companies, small business start-ups, and small businesses and entrepreneurs. Businesses need awareness of myriad legal issues, and the firm ensures that its clients are well-informed.




News and Blog :

        Imagine this -- your business is profitable, your outlook is bright, and your next move is expansion: you have captured the white whale of a dawning business --- success. Now imagine that successful expansion depends on your moving to a new, larger location. And now imagine that you can’t --- your current lease has an “auto-renew” provision that came into effect months ago.